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In Loving Memory of My Beautiful Son


Born 21/9/1991 Passed On 29/9/2008


Michael in America January 2008



Michael was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of his left femur that had metastasised to both lungs, his spine and other leg. This put his cancer at stage 4 and his oncologist's prognosis was grim. The old adage is "if only we had found it sooner". Michael had been seeing doctors infrequently for nearly 6 months prior and was being told that the pain in his knee was a sports injury. As Michael played basketball in the summer and was playing rugby, 2 to 3 games every weekend right up until his diagnosis, why would we think differently. But then, I am not a doctor.

Michael was started on chemotherapy right away. His body did not handle it at all.  My lean, fit son lost 20 kilograms in 8 weeks. Time between courses of chemotherapy took longer than they should as his body struggled to recover from the damage done to him. His tastes for food changed, when he actually could eat something. His eyesight was impaired. This never recovered. The oncologist remarked that Michael was not coping with the chemotherapy as if he was failing some test. The 3rd round of chemotherapy was stopped at the half way mark. At this point Michael's oncologist remarked that he had only seen such a response 6 or 7 times before. "Oddly", he said, "They all came from a middle eastern background". Michael's mother is Lebanese. I am an Aussie of convict stock.

I was doing a lot of research from the day of Michael's diagnosis. Conventional Medicine is called "Evidence Based Medicine". The evidence on Chemotherapy is pretty scary. It is statistically accepted that chemotherapy "CURES" cancer only 3% of the time. Statistically, that is so close to zero as to be zero. This is what they admit. This was the reason for Michael's oncologists dim prognosis. Michael's surgeon was much more upbeat. but he was going to remove the tumour from Michael's leg. we had to rely on the chemotherapy to solve the other issues. Michael had a PET scan between courses of chemo which showed that glucose uptake in Michael's lungs had disappeared. I was ecstatic. Our oncologist was unimpressed. He confided to my wife that it always comes back.

My wife and I found ourselves in a dire situation where our son had a life threatening disease receiving life threatening treatment from an oncologist who believed that his treatment was unlikely to result in a cure. Please note that a definition of cure from cancer is surviving 5 years which is a statistical manipulation in itself. The reality was that on researching their methods about the efficacy of their treatments I was compelled to look elsewhere for treatment.

The first place I found was the Radio Wave Clinic in Perth using the theory of Radio Wave Therapy as practised by Dr John Holt. I had gotten as far as having Michael accepted to fly over to Perth for an assessment for treatment in early October, 2007. I did not know enough about this therapy at the time and was under immense pressure to leave Australia if I wanted to remove my son from the treatment he was receiving. I had come across enough evidence in the U.S. of cases where children were removed from their parents by the courts and had this barbaric treatment forced upon them. I recently uncovered one such case in Australia with tragic results. See Medical Abduction.



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