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In Loving Memory of My Beautiful Son


Born 21/9/1991 Passed On 29/9/2008


Michael in America January 2008

Cancer Treatment Of The 21st Century

Imagine being treated for Cancer in an outpatient setting.

No Hospital Stay,

Non Invasive,

No Debilitating Drugs,

No Nausea,

No Surgery,

Treatment Is Repeatable,

Equivalent Of Surgery,


Is This Stuff Of Dreams? Is This 100 Years In The Future?


Treatments such as these should be or could be available in Australia now.

But they are not.

What Are They?

The first is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

See Wikipedia for the history of HIFU.  High Intensity Focused Ultrasound [HIFU] is used to treat cancer tumours without requiring surgery. HIFU has developed over more than 10 years and has been used to successfully treat over 8,000 patients worldwide. Having achieved the European safety approval CE Mark in 2005, it is now available for use with private patient cancer treatments.  Clinical Trials at The HIFU Unit in Oxford confirm the claim that certain cancers in the LIVER and KIDNEYS can be successfully  treated and certain cancers of the PANCREAS and BONE may also be suitable using HIFU. Further HIFU applications are under  investigation.  Cancers can be malignant and capable of spreading through the body and potentially life-threatening; or benign, but potentially uncomfortable if they grow. They can be diffuse (spread through an organ or the body) or "lumpy". With HIFU we treat both malignant and benign lumpy cancers. HIFU equipment provides:


  • Low power imaging ultrasound - which enables us to locate and look at the cancer; and
  • High intensity focused ultrasound - which can accurately focus on the tumour and kill it.

The healthy tissue through which the ultrasound passes is not affected. The benefits of HIFU treatment: 

  • HIFU is clean energy, which works by heating the cancer cells.
  • HIFU treatment causes far less damaging side-effects than conventional treatments.
  • HIFU can avoid chemotherapy.
  • HIFU does not involve radiotherapy.
  • HIFU does not involve surgery; it is non-invasive.
  • HIFU doesn`t require a lengthy hospital stay.
  • HIFU treatment may result in a strengthening of the patient' s immunity to cancer.

Man has known since the ancient Egyptians that heat kills cancer. Indeed many alternative medicine doctors have promoted different forms of  hypothermia as a cancer treatment. Early theory and work on HIFU was done in the USA from the 1940s through the 1950s and 1960s. It wasn't till the 1990s that effective Ultrasound Commercial technology was developed in China and France Clinical Trials were held in China covering 10 hospitals from 1997 to 2001. 1038 patients were treated with varying cancers. They included Solid Malingnancies: Liver Cancer 474, Malignant Bone Tumors, 153, Breast Cancer 106, Soft Tissue Sarcomas 77, Kidney Cancer 27, Pancreatic Cancer 10, Abdominal Cancer 20, Lung Cancer 4, Others 31. And Solid Benign Tumors: Uterine Myoma 85, Benign Breast Tumors 28, Benign Soft Tissue Tumors 13, Benign Liver Tumors 4, Others 6. My son Michael had a bone cancer in his left femur called osteosarcoma. This clinical trial included 44 patients with a malignant bone tumors of which 34 were osteosarcomas. 34 patients were treated with HIFU and chemotherapy and 10 with HIFU alone. Median follow up was 23 months. The survival rate was 38/44 or 85%. Evidence of bone regrowth  wa evident (No Limb Salvage Surgery) In fact the very first patient successfully treated in 1997 in China was for Osteosarcoma. These details are recorded and recognized in June of 2003 by the British Orthopaedic Oncology Society. There is a clinic in England operating in the Churchill Hospital in Oxford that is treating Liver Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Bone Cancer and Others including Breast Cancer and Soft Tissue Sarcomas. General Clinical Reviews. This clinic opened in 2002. This clinic treats may treat your cancer with or without Chemotherapy.

French Clinical trials were conducted from 1995 to 1999. This Clinical Trial involved 559 cases of prostate cancer. The results were outstanding. See link to study.. Link to a page containg links to many studies of HIFU across many countries going back to 1997. It is even suggested that by killing the tumor with HIFU and letting the body deal with the dead cells that an anti tumor immune response may occur which may help in combating the possibility of metastasis as a result of you immune system recognizing the dead tumor cells as being bad and building an immunity for the same cells elsewhere in the body.

I am aware of HIFU being available throughout Europe, Canada, Korea, Mexico, England, Asia (Especially China). It's not available in the US (the country where it was first invented and trialed) and is only now starting to appear in Australia. But only for Prostate Cancer and only if you are lucky to hear about it from the right doctor. Most doctors would be unaware of it. There is HIFU listed at  Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Sydney. Why is it only here in Australia for prostate cancer? It is highly effective for Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, my son's cancer. The Conventional Treatments for Cancers of the Pancreas, Liver, Kidney and Bone are pretty drastic and mostly ineffectual. Why are we not using HIFU? In Michael's case he may have been able to keep his leg. How is amputation or limb salvage surgery for a leg acceptable when a highly effective non invasive treatment for Osteosarcoma has been around since 1997.

Why is Australia, as a nation, so slow to pick up on these non invasive, non toxic therapies such as HIFU. If you have cancer of the pancreas or liver in Australia it is virtually a death sentence. Kidney cancer often leaves you on dialysis for the rest of your life. John Madden was treated with HIFU in England and avoided needing dialysis. Lynne Newman had kidney cancer as well. HIFU has made it into Pubmed. British Journal of Radiology in 2003 . Here is a link to a website with a lot of links regarding HIFU. For Osteosarcoma HIFU has successfully treated a tumor in the femur 46 cm long. Pine Street Foundation. The Australian Health Department first looked at HIFu for prostate cancer in 2006. Patient testimonies for treatment of prostate cancer in the UK. Clinical Results and published data for HIFU
HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Directed  by Ultrasound The HIFU machine pictured on the left is in China.

This link to view pictures of the High Tech HIFU machine at the clinic at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford in England.

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